Customer Experience & Marketing



Your clients deserve the best.

And they buy from certain brands or in certain stores because they are happy with what they receive. It is not only about your product. It is also about the service, your staff's expertise clients appreciate.

Digitisation did not change this but it changes your customer's shopping behaviour since comparison became easy and consumers can share their experience with others. Fast.

Yes or No?

A brand with a long successful history probably has a number of stores already.

In this case they might not need to run an online shop but just use digital marketing to keep people coming to their many stores.

The first and most important step

Make a decision if you want to sell online at all.

Once you know this, create a strategy against which you can measure the results.

How to create a great customer experience?

We believe that digitisation and customer experience should be combined.

Many great brands with wonderful products are doing well offline but not online.


From what we observe there are two major reasons:

  1. They use their online shops like a print magazine without any human interaction
  2. Their online presence is completely different from the experience one has in the physical store