Watches From Space


Did you know that 90% of a space shuttle is made of aluminum? Well, I didn’t. But if you come to think of it it is logical since this material is very light and still stable which is certainly an important requirement for aerospace.

Some days ago I visited a design fair in Zurich. There were a lot of things to discover and many of them are really beautiful items.

You probably wonder what aerospace and a design fair have in common.

The answer is: “Nothing but a lot; at least in (literally!) some cases.”

One watchmaker came up with the innovation of recycling the steel and aluminum of rocket parts; the booster shell of the Russian Soyuz rocket to be precise. According to the watchmaker’s website Soyuz is still the most used rocket world-wide.

Given the size of these watches – I guess they are primarily designed for men – one would expect them to we very heavy. Once you hold them in your hand you realize that this is an optical illusion.

The ones of aluminum are really light while the models with steel cases (of course as well of rocket origin) feel very solid.

My concept of rocket-science just became slightly more stylish.

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