Very Dry


While we cooled it last week we will work on drying today.

A hair-dryer is something found in probably about 95% of all households in the Western world. At least this is my guess.

Before the Hair-Dryer

In the 1880is Europe had a phase where people developed new ideas about healthy food and hygiene. The latter resulted in public baths in cities because bathrooms where not the average standard in private homes. I guess that the inventions of hair-dryers did not fall in the same period by accident.

I read that before the invention of the hair-dryer women and men dried their hair with a vacuum cleaner. Honestly, I think this is complete nonsense because long hair would simply be taken into the device. On the other hand the idea that the inspiration for a hair-dryer came from the vacuum cleaner sounds convincing to me.

The Invention of the Hair-Dryer

However, the first hair-dryer was invented and patented by the French Alexandre Godefoy in 1890 for his salon in Paris.


Plastic Domes

Only ten years later hair-dryers were produced in series. The German company AEG produced them in 1900. But these were hair hood dryers with a plastic dome to fit over a person’s head.


As form 1915 the first handheld models appeared but they were quite heavy since they were made of metal (please see top image at the right side). But given the lady’s hair began to fell around 1910 hair-dryers became more important and remained a common tool ever since.

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