If you are in Social Media and frequently work with Twitter this is for you.

Some time ago I wrote a guide on blogging where I share helpful (free) resources that make blogging itself and blog marketing easier.

Not only had I changed the title in “How to Blog with Ease” (formerly “Clever Communication”) I also reviewed the statistics and the tools.

With actually more than 9000 followers I am quite active on Twitter and use a tool to see who is following me, get rid of the ones who do not follow back or those we sell doubtful “services”. This is especially important when you have less than 2000 followers when the number of accounts you follow should be similar the number of your own followers.

No matter how high the number of followers is, we must keep an eye on our reputation and therefore have to manage our accounts. You want people in you vicinity that tweet actively and spread interesting content. Nobody needs the guys that try to sell 10000 “high quality” followers for USD 15.


For this purpose I use a service called Tweepi and for this time I am not fond of change. Tweepi used to have an unfollow-feature (called “flush”) where you can filter with different criteria. Unfortunately, it no longer exists. According to Tweepi Twitter asked them to remove this function because some black sheep among the twitterers overdid it and followed and unfollowed hundreds of accounts per day.

As usual the workaround is cumbersome and I hope for another change of rules by Twitter.

Nevertheless, follow me. I follow back.


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