At this moment I have so much going on that I literally feel timeless.

Talking about time(less) leads me directly to chronometry and (what else?) watches. Switzerland is definitely famous for mountains, cheese, chocolate and watches.

Apparently the oldest watch manufacturer is the company DuBois et fils (DuBois and son) who is located in LeLocle, a small Swiss town that is famous for its watch industry. The factory originally opened its doors in 1785. Given the Swiss watch industry endured quite some hardships the manufacturer had to shut down some years ago. But not for long.


A very courageous watch-maker not only had 30 years of experience but as well the vision to revive this historic manufacture. The banks were not prepared to run the risk and to fund this endeavour. But this gentlemen seems not the type who gives in easily. In 2012 he had the idea of crowd-funding since he was convinced that there must be a lot of watch-lovers out there. It turned out that he was right and he collected the required 1.5 Million Swiss Francs in about 5 months and since about a year ago the latest collection is in place.

According to the company’s website the demand for shares has sharply increased so if you want to own a part of a Swiss watch manufacture you can still sign up.

I am quite impressed by this amount of entrepreneurial spirit.


P.S. the Company who claims to be the first to create wrist-watches is French; Cartier, to be precise. Given the value of their timepieces they describe them as “timeless”. However, I believe that they function well.

Source: Swiss Watch Makers

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