At the end of last year I used the metaphor of a film each of us will create in 2017. Well, mine contains a lot of remarkable scenes and moments.

Most people say that time flies. Does it really? Maybe retrospectively it looks like this but if you are in the middle of something it does not feel like this. At least not to me.

Maybe I look at it differently because my days are very different from each other which creates a lot of memories? Or I just did not really grow up and have the same relationship towards time I had when I was five? Well, I have no real answer to this.


What I know for a fact is that 2017 was a very interesting year. I met some amazing people, took some serious decisions; some were pleasant others not so much.

One decision is that I will seize writing on Leadership & Leadership since I am setting out on a new quest which is big fun and very time-consuming.

For the time being I will only tell you that it meets my hedonism and my need for beauty and style.

I promise to send a newsletter to all my current subscribers as soon as I have something real to tell. And it will include a video. That’s a promise. Please bear with me for some weeks.

Meanwhile I wish you a merry Christmas and a wonderful start into 2018.

Season’s Greetings!

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