A Knight for A Shoe


I guess when you read the title you had no clue what I am talking about.

Jimmy Choo was born to a family of shoemakers in Malaysia. Reportedly he manufactured his first pair of shoes in the tender age of 11. I daresay he is a natural.

He studied at the College of Fashion in London started his remarkable career at the Swiss shoe manufacturer Bally.

But soon he should specialize in custom-made shoes and opened his first boutique in London. If you ask me he specialized in sky-high heels.

From Heels To Honour

His most famous client at that time was Princess Diana.

In 1996 he started a cooperation with Tamara Mellon, the former accessories editor of the British Vogue magazine and two years later they opened the first shop in New York.

In 2001 Mr. Choo stepped back form his own company and is now working on different projects.

Nowadays many celebrities wear Jimmy Choo but only one of them had a mother-in-law who had the power to knight a shoe-maker.

Of course we are talking of Lady Di (former Princess of Wales) and Queen Elizabeth II. The latter ennobled Mr. Choo with the Order of the British Empire.

As for me I cannot knight anybody but I will keep wearing high heels in honour of the shoe manufacturing tradition.

Shoes for Divas

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