Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris was born in the French speaking part of Switzerland in 1887. He should become known to the world as “Le Corbusier”.

Everything I read about Le Corbusier tells me that he was a genius. Study trips to Vienna, Paris and Berlin, the most modern cities at the time, laid the foundation for the inventions that should bring him fame and fortune.

Since in 1914 the world was not ready for his architectural style he dedicated his time to painting and to editing the journal “L’Esprit Nouveau” that translates in “the new spirit”.

The Furniture

In the late 1920ies Le Corbusier started creating furniture. Last week I told you that one meets him in every second office building. Take a look at the image above. I am sure you have seen this black leather chair many times. At least I did. And you know what? I still love it which in my mind is prove for great design.

The daybed above the chair is probably his most famous design piece. Everything about it is according to the Bauhaus philosophy; function wrapped in design, as I call it.

  • The name: LC 4
  • The definition: a machine to relax
  • The design: puristic or “reduced to the max”


There are several famous buildings by Le Corbusier around the globe. For example the Indian City of Chandigarh – the capital of the states of Punjab and Haryana – has been build according to his plans.

Le Corbusier’s legacy is large and his footsteps are big. But still he fits in my purse since his likeness is on a Swiss banknote.

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