Style Made In Saint Louis

Today I am writing about a watch. Nothing special for a Swiss; especially not for a hedonist like me that sometimes just has to get away from all that “useful” stuff.

An International Product

The watch I am going to write about is almost everything but Swiss. On its back-side there is a kind of birth certificate that states:

“JORD. Born in Saint Louis”

While born in Saint Louis the watch is a very modern and therefore a very international product, given the Cherry Wood the case and the strap are made of is from China, the movement has been fabricated in Japan and the crystals around the face are from the renowned factory of Swarowksi, which adds Austria to the family tree. I don’t know the origin of the mother pearl but it makes a good addition.

Woodwatches by JORD

Much to my honour I was asked by the social media manager of JORD to write a product review about a model of their collection. My first thought of course was that it was quite ballsy asking a Swiss to write on watches or chocolate since we are so proud of the local products.


When I looked at the watches I decided that it was time to try something new because these time pieces are very original. And they have so many models that it is not so easy to decide which one to choose. Please see for yourself:

Watch Gift Ideas

JORD immediately shipped my preferred model that arrived some days ago and has seen large parts of Switzerland already.

You will tell me it is huge. Yes, it is but at the same time it is – much unlike my handbag – almost weightless which makes it very comfortable to wear.

Since a picture is more than a thousand words I added some illustrations.


Thanks to my two friends Silvia and Jasmin who shared the fun with me and did quite some photo shooting in Zurich and Lucerne. It is not so easy to model a watch and even less to take pictures with someone who can hardly stand still for longer than ten seconds.

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Also, I thank Paul Saitta to take the time to read through my articles and to contact me for writing one on JORD and sending me such a stylish object.


  1. It does look good on you. I have a large collection of watches I have bought in Switzerland and never wear. I have stopped buying them, but do have an appreciation of the style. The photos are excellent.

    • Thank you, Pamela. It does look as if you were more Swiss than I am. In only had one watch, until this one came 🙂

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