No Comment? So Sorry.


You know that I dwell a lot on communication and often stand on my soapbox lecturing what communication is all about.

Today I am standing in a hole rather than on a box since I discovered something very embarrassing concerning my own style of communication; or rather “un-communication”.

Some weeks ago I changed several things on my blog. One can add a lot of different functions to a blog by means of so called plugins. These mini-programmes are comparable to apps; just designed for one single function. As you can imagine there are countless plugins for the same task.

One of these plugins I use is for comments. If a reader adds a comment to my blog I answer; of course. And this reader is informed by an automatic e-mail that tells them when and what I answered. So I thought until last Wednesday.

Indeed, I installed such an auto-responder on my blog. What I was unaware of is that this plugin is deactivated by default; meaning even when activated as a software the default settings are “inactive”. I forgot to switch it on.

This means that since February none of my commentators received as much as a thank you for their comments which must look as if I ignored their thoughts.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Needless to say, that I am really embarrassed about this.

  1. First of all, I apologize for my lack of attention (not to your comments but to my technology).
    • To make sure it does not happen again, I have taken the following actions
  2. Since some time ago I have been running a test environment where I can experiment with new features without putting my productive blog in danger. That’s how I discovered my lack of communication in the first place
  3. I already set up the auto-responder, which I tested about 10 times

Should you ever again not receive an answer to your comment please drop me a line.


  1. I have never installed a plug in, sounds complicated.

    • Actually, most plugins are install, activate and go. Quite easy. I use about a dozen. Well, this one was mean to me. I guess you don’t need this because you are hosting with WordPresss directly, which I don’t since I used this domain as a normal website originally. Hope the poetry is still going well.

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