Christmas is the season of fantasy movies and fairy tales. I find these quite inspiring. Some fairy tales seem to be every film director’s passion.

Cinderella who lives the American dream and went from rag to riches is indeed very popular.

But also Cinderella is a role model for femininity. Young and beautiful she is suffering until she is found by the prince aka Mr. Right.

Rapunzel is even worse. She is waiting around in a tower without a door, growing her hair so the prince has a chance to rescue her.

Did you ever ask why she did not do something useful with her time? Although I have not much patience and am a rather active person I admit I never wondered about this.

I took it as a fairy tale and never questioned why nobody bothers to rescue a bored prince.


Two Italian ladies took a closer look at it and discovered quite some side effects of this.

No, they did not go berserk but did something much more intelligent. They performed a research on biographies of extraordinary women. Marie Curie, Coco Chanel, Amalia Earhart to name some representatives of this fascinating collection.

The book is called Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 außergewöhnliche Frauen.

And guess what: there are millions of parents who want their daughters to read this. The book has been translated in various languages and is so successful that the authors already wrote another hundred biographies in a second book.

Marketing with Humour

Personally, I admire their clever marketing strategy. Nobody denies that in some families and / or countries woman and girls are badly mistreated and have little access to education. But we cannot listen to it anymore, we simply cannot take more moaning that makes us feel miserable.

The authors used a very powerful weapon: laughter. You don’t believe me? Watch the video clip.

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