Some weeks ago I promised to create a toolbox for digital marketing. I did it. I ended up with tools and services provided by humans. We need both.

What’s in it?

Just like a physical toolbox the digital one has different compartments; in this case called category.


This is the largest category by far. Knowing me that is not such a surprise. It comprises:

  • Several portals where you can download pictures legally; some free of charge
  • Websites where you can find very original fonts
  • A portal with the coolest icons I have ever seen
  • A tip of how to manage all the pictures you took with your mobile or your camera

Moreover, I contains services. Recently I needed a video a subject of which I have no knowledge and no interest to learn. Hence I found someone who did it for me.

Text content is also creative. As a non-native English speaker I need advice from time to time. Although I am quite familiar with HTML & Co. my ideas sometimes exceed my know-how. So I work with a pro.


We all want to be heard out there. Social media is important. You can either ask a professional (no, this is not me) or look at the list of e-books in the toolbox; and also the e-book reader to manage your collection.

SEO is another service you might need. For this I also work with someone. Last, not least I provide a list of free blog directories. Maybe you can do with some backlinks; which goes right back to SEO.


You want your work and your platforms to be secure. So I recommend to:

  • Encrypt your e-mail address
  • Use an anti-spam for your blog (Akismet); in my mind you cannot run a blog that allows comments without it
  • Run a test environment; it is a lot cheaper than you think and certainly less expensive than ruining your productive website or blog


There is also a category #usefulgadgets. I invite you to explore it.

Your feedback is most welcome. If you found something else please share it with me.

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