Some weeks ago I promised to create a toolbox for digital marketing. I did it. I ended up with tools and services provided by humans. We need both.

What’s in it?

Just like a physical toolbox the digital one has different compartments; in this case called category.


This is the largest category by far. Knowing me that is not such a surprise. It comprises:

  • Several portals where you can download pictures legally; some free of charge
  • Websites where you can find very original fonts
  • A portal with the coolest icons I have ever seen
  • A tip of how to manage all the pictures you took with your mobile or your camera

Moreover, I contains services. Recently I needed a video a subject of which I have no knowledge and no interest to learn. Hence I found someone who did it for me.

Text content is also creative. As a non-native English speaker I need advice from time to time. Although I am quite familiar with HTML & Co. my ideas sometimes exceed my know-how. So I work with a pro.


We all want to be heard out there. Social media is important. You can either ask a professional (no, this is not me) or look at the list of e-books in the toolbox; and also the e-book reader to manage your collection.

SEO is another service you might need. For this I also work with someone. Last, not least I provide a list of free blog directories. Maybe you can do with some backlinks; which goes right back to SEO.


You want your work and your platforms to be secure. So I recommend to:

  • Encrypt your e-mail address
  • Use an anti-spam for your blog (Akismet); in my mind you cannot run a blog that allows comments without it
  • Run a test environment; it is a lot cheaper than you think and certainly less expensive than ruining your productive website or blog

Your feedback is most welcome. If you found something else please share it with me.

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