At this moment I am running a marketing campaign for Saleswin. This is a web-shop system one can purchase for their own business. The system is especially useful if a company sales bespoke products.

After defining potential customers I thought of the marketing strategies, tools and platforms I want to use.

Potential Customers

For Saleswin I identified the potential customers among entrepreneurs that sell bespoke products to returning clients. Geographically, I target the German speaking countries in Europe (which is mostly Switzerland, Germany and Austria)

The Marketing Tools

The Movie

For most people reading a manual is about as attractive as a toothache. So I needed some NICE illustration to point out the advantages of the product.

Given I am not exactly a movie maker I started searching for one on, a platform where freelancers offer their services. After meeting some rather strange individuals I found Mary Johnson who answered all my questions. I sent her my German script which I translated in English so she would know what images she needs to add.

On the very next day I received the first version which already exceeded my expectations. After some minor changes and two more days we were done. I can really recommend her.

The Landing Page

Now it was time to create the so called landing page. When one is running a marketing campaign (like ads, newsletters etc.) it is normally wise to create a specific landing page. In my mind there are three main reasons for it:


Interested parties might click your ad and you want to keep their interest. A normal website has a lot of links which could be distracting. A landing page is highly focused and contains a call to action.

Examples are: «Contact us» or «Download XYZ».

For evidence you might want to try one of these ads on LinkedIn.


The person who clicks on your ad should find its sequel on your landing page; meaning the latter must meet the expectations the ad created. Moreover, they should find the slogan or wording already used in the ad. After all your visitors must be assured to have arrived at the right place.


Maybe you are split testing, using various slogans or images? In this case you have the possibility of creating one landing page for each version. Given a landing page is specifically created for special purpose it does not affect your website at all.

There Are More Tools

Of course the above tools are only a fraction of the possibilities out there. You can also create leaflets, send mailings, distribute samples of your items, town hall meeting, a radio or a TV spot, record an podcast etc.  It depends on your product and you budget.

The Marketing Platforms

As for the marketing platforms I did quite some research and identified four possibilities, which I finally had a closer look at. I will introduce them next week and tell you about my experience.

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