In the previous two posts we discussed branding. Now it is time for marketing.

Why marketing needs a budget

No matter what anyone says: marketing is an important and an expensive business. Always.

There are many free resources that do not require an investment in terms of money but certainly will cost you a lot of time.

So marketing has to be budgeted in one way or the other.

Show Your Competence by Blogging

You might want to use blogs to share information on actual projects or subjects related to your field. This is a good way to create valuable marketing content that you can share on social media platforms.

Most blogs are based on WordPress which is available as freeware and can be integrated in your website. Once set up it is quite easy to use and literally offers thousands of plugins that provide various functions.

And this is where it gets a bit complicated. To find the right tools and plugins requires A LOT of testing. From my own experience I can tell that the wrong plugin can prevent your blog from functioning.

In order to avoid this you have two options:

  1. You hire an expert to do the evaluation for you
  2. You get this e-book and check these 44 tools that really work. (Definitely the smaller investment)

Share Your Content on Social Media and Plan for It

The use of social media is free of charge but the amount of time it requires can be very high. In order to minimize your time and do maximize the outcome you need a social media plan. There are many questions to be answered.

The first one is the choice of your social media platform(s). To make the choice and the planning easier for you I created a free guide.

I can already tell you that a YouTube Channel is definitely on my list.

You Will Need Inspiration

Marketing is hard work and it often takes time until results show. Quite some time ago I created a comic about blogging.

The images are from an ancient photo album from an uncle’s attic.

Although I do not know the people it seems they are somehow related to me.

This Kindle book is free of charge as from February 3 until February 7, 2017. You can also read it on your PC; just install the Kindle app and enjoy.

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