Branding is one of the topics I am working on and finding a suitable name is part of it. While doing some research I came across the video clip which is embedded at the end of the article.

Personal Branding

The video is more about personal branding. If we hear this term we normally think of emphasising our strengths and skills and figuring out our USP (unique selling proposition) that sets us apart from other people.

While watching this video I realised that the first step to our personal branding is not done by us but by our parents; our first-name(s). We normally just live with it since changing it is a bit cumbersome.

First Names

Every year there is a list of the 10 most popular names for boys and girls. In Switzerland of 2017 we are now back at the biblical roots: Mia (which stems from Maria) and Noah are on the pole position. The other 9 names go into the same direction.


Some parents, however, try to bestow a USP upon their baby by choosing extra-ordinary first-names. While in the US you can name your children after fruit, vegetable and places there are limits in Europe.

Swiss parents try to name their child Sputnik, Störenfried (English Troublemaker) and German ones found Brain, Tarzan or Blaubeere (English Blueberry) appealing. Although some of them went to court to defend their “innovations” the judge denied it and they have to be content with tolerated names. Rest assured, dear parents, you will find some horribleness among them, too.

My own name is hardly a catch-line. Alas, it is rather common. Still, I am happy to have a brain and not to be called one.

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