We discussed the use of images an image rights before. It is not always easy to find the right pictures; especially when you don’t want to spend a lot of money for the license but want the images to be legal. I strongly recommend to respect intellectual property; it is plain theft to use other people’s images.

If you want to create your own illustrations you will have to work with a graphic tool. In order to make it easier I took a course of two days. This is very convenient because once you get a grip on the logic of the programme it will be fun to discover more functions.

These are the techniques I frequently use. To see the examples please click on the slideshow at the end of this post.

Change the Background

Effect: Very original illustrations

If you have old black and white images but want them to look dashy I recommend to browse your holiday memories. Pictures of sunsets, oceans, trees etc. make good backgrounds to portraits. And you own the copy right so you can do with them what you like.

Crop and Combine

Effect: A surprise that makes people smile

Have you ever seen Mona Lisa with hair rollers? A funny idea, isn’t it? If you use a very well-known artwork (I used Michelangelo’s «Creation of Adam») and put it in an unexpected context you’ll get a surprising effect.

Partial Colouring

Effect: A real eye-catcher

Black and white images can be very dull. Spice them up with some colour. Just select the part you want to colour and play with the colouring possibilities your graphic programme offers.


1. A descreet background for a short text.
2.Make undesired objects disappear from the picture.

I used the picture of the Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman. Because of the swimming suite she wears on the picture she was arrested in 1907. The reason? Indecency. We don’t want it to happen again so I put her under water.

Overlay is also very helpful if you need a descreet background for a short text. Try using transparency to allow the image to shine trough.

Examples. Enjoy.

Please click on the image to start the slideshow.
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  1. I like the lady’s hairdos. Their fashion statement is excellent with any background.

  2. I like the ladies’ hairdos. Their fashion statement is excellent with any background.

    • Yes, they are pretty cool. You put it up in the morning and the syling lasts all day Long. I think the Image is from around 1900. It was in the photo book I received from my Grand-mother.

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