If you have been reading here for a while you already know that inspiration is one of my favourite topics.

Originally, I started blogging while running my own company where I used it to spread the news about my services. I soon noticed that I enjoyed all those marketing activities since I got a lot of inspirations out of them and the feedbacks from my readers showed that inspiration is contagious.

Some weeks ago I said that marketing required a plan and inspiration. The latter because nobody can predict when success will kick in. Just when I started writing the post you are now reading I stumbled over a very interesting article describing the way to success. I think most of us can relate to most of the 7 steps the author describes. To me number 4 is the most important one.

Do Not Doubt but Focus

I tend to have more than one project at the time and normally only talk to the people who can support me about it. I still could not figure out why but most people tell you – without thinking twice or having a single fact – that your idea will never work. I had a heads-up last week when I stupidly talked about my activities concerning one project.

Others will respond with meaningful phrases like “let’s hope for the best”. I think they really mean well but cannot believe for a moment that you could be successful.

Both statements tend to cloud our inspiration with doubts. Doubts tend to kill success and happiness.

How To Fight Doubts

When I talk of inspiration I do not mean to sit there and wait until something wonderful is happening. What I mean is to keep the vision, set the next goal, to plan and to work for them. Sometimes we have to re-focus – even on a different vision. But I do not believe that hope alone – although it is said to die last – is the right concept to get to where we want to be.

I would lie if I said that I never had doubts or that I never failed. Fortunately, I do have friends that really support me even if my ideas might seem farfetched. And in order to really focus I use inspirational quotes. There is nothing magical about them but they remind me to focus. I created wallpapers for my mobile phone that I happily share with you.


  1. Good article Brigitte! You hit the nail on the head, keep the vision and set the next goal – re-focus when necessary. In the article, I can relate to the 7 steps. For me, number 5 hits home the most. I leave inspired!

    • Thank you so much, Cathy. An inspired reader, what more can a writer ask for. Number 5: Been there too. But for some reason I can deal with this easier and just get rid of these false friends.

  2. The investment in pain is the best one. We can’t break through without a little ( or a lot) struggle. Doubt is an invitation to examine both motives and possibilities. Both change over time.

    • I agree that struggle is part of the game, Pamela. The doubts normally come automatically and one has to make sure not to let them win. Have a nice week.

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