I love shopping. If you are a man I guess you say now: „Women, of course!“ or something similar. Please accept my apologies if I guessed wrong.

If you are a woman I am not so sure about your comment.

Although I like shopping I never shop for the sake of shopping but I hunt something specific. This goes for almost everything I own. Before I take something I am only half convinced I rather go come home with nothing. As a result of my «strategic buying» most of my stuff is of good quality and I own by far fewer items than most of you might think.

Until very recently I assumed that most women like shopping; some buy as considered as I do others have a different shopping behaviour.
However, my assumption turned out to be utterly wrong. Many women do not like shopping; especially if it comes to clothes.

These has mainly two reasons:

  1. Because they do not know their style hence are never sure about what to buy
  2. They cannot find what they are looking for

Invest in quality and in your own style

Before you end up with three wardrobes with «nothing to dress» because not a single item makes you feel good you might want to make an appointment at «By Claire».

«By Claire» provides bespoke fashion of high quality at reasonable prices. Her system is as simple as it is ingenious. She developed a certain amount of sewing patters which you can personalize with different building blocks such as the shape, length and cuffs of a blazer etc.

Moreover, you can choose from an almost endless offer of fabrics and colours.

Behind the scene

To showcase her models «By Claire» organised a photo shooting. I had the honour of hosting this event.

My apartment is spacy, with high ceilings and – not a surprise anymore – few furniture. The photos were taken by Peny Creative Services.

Less is more

Quite some time ago I wrote an article about the amount of shoes a woman needs.

The dictum «less is more» also goes for clothes. If you have five basic pieces that you can combine with almost anything you are all set and you can buy things to combine with them but you do not have to.

If you need to know how you can combine the «high end basics» with the things you already have, you should book a consultation with Kathy Patellis-Schmidt. She will be able to help you. Trust me on this.


P.S. The team of «By Claire» is working on a really cool online-shop. I’ll let you know it is online.

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