I already reported about my train adventure from Frankfurt to Zurich and also about the following communication.

You might remember that I booked my ticket by means of an app on my mobile which means I do not have a physical train ticket. Moreover, the receipt for the fare is being deleted from the records after 4 weeks. To me this makes absolute sense.

Meanwhile I found out that the so called service centre (what service?) from the German train company can only be reached by telephone – which as I know by now is completely useless – or by physical letters. My guess is that they are distributed by means of stage coaches. E-mails are unknown to them, let alone more recent technologies.

I called the “service centre” to explain to them that I had a reference and an order number but no ticket. The gentlemen was a bit puzzled about so much modern technology and promised to transfer my case to a different department.

This department obviously is totally overextended with my case. On October 25, 2017 – almost three months after my trip – they sent me another letter requesting the original ticket as this was the only possibility to get a refund.

Moreover, they encouraged me to call them if I had more questions. Well, I have many but there is no point in raising them.

As a matter of fact my answer would be:

Dear Deutsche Bahn,

I have a lot of questions (one of which would be why you still exist) but I rest my case. To me these were your famous last words and when I want to see my friends next time I will either try planes or drive.   #lousycustomerservice

Yours faithfully,

Your ex-customer.


  1. Hi Brigitte,
    What a terrible ordeal! I agree, next time it’s probably best to fly or drive. A much better approach to visit Frankfort and back to Zurich. Truly #lousycustomerservice All the best, Cathy

    • Hi Cathy, the train to Frankfurt does not take more time than the flight you know (normally, I mean :-)). Especially since my friends live in the city center. However, the risk is far too high. Have a great day and all the very best to you. Brigitte

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