You might think that these notions have nothing to do with architecture; certainly not with «Bauhaus» to which the actual series is dedicated. You are somehow right. The notions are not directly related to «Bauhaus» but very much to design. Egg, Ant and Swan are chairs, created by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen.

Arne Jacobsen was born in Copenhagen in 1902 and he was one real pioneer. As far as I can see he was not directly linked to the Bauhaus school but also turned away from gold and velvet to a more puristic style: Clear shapes, concrete and functional, yet beautiful furniture.

The ant hatched in 1952. It is made of wood and originally only had 3 legs. Given the chair was created for a canteen it had also to be stackable. The fourth leg was added about 3 years later.

In the years between 1956 and 1961 the SAS Royal Hotel was constructed. It comprises 20 floors and was the highest building in Europe at the time. Everything about it was designed or at least influenced by Arne Jacobsen. The egg and swan chairs were especially designed for the lobby of this hotel. The seat shell is made of plastic upholstered with cold foam.

They are Bauhaus-like if it comes to functions but organic if it comes to shape. One sees the egg as frequently in good hotels as Corbusier’s chair is seen in office buildings.


  1. I did not know this designer. I always think of Walter Gropius Corbusier,and van der Rohe. I adore that Corbusier house in the China Garten. I do see the influence in the chair style.

    • Well, Gropius and Jacobsen lived in the same epoch and in the same business. My feeling is that Jacobsen just has a revival. He also invented a certain font which is now on cups and dishes. Beautiful and stylish. Van der Rohe will also be part in this series. The Corbusier museum next to the China Garden only opens in Summer, somewhere between May and September.

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