DONNA. 1984.

The House of Trussardi has been founded in 1911 by Dante Trussardi who became famous with luxurious gloves that soon became a status symbol all over the worlds.

Trussardi has a turbulent history that are closely linked to the family of Trussardi whose members still lead the enterprise.

Why using a Scent for Branding?

Trussardi Donna is a very “loud” scent so to speak. As soon as you wear it you notice the scent more than any other I know. Last time I was in a Trussardi boutique in Milan I smelled the perfume in the entire shop.

Some fashion labels also use their fragrances for branding. That is quite efficient since we never forget a scent.

Trussardi Donna. The Ingredients.

Trussardi Donna belongs to the chypre/floral olfactive family and consists of the following ingredients:

Top note

Mandarin blends in with floral note of hyacinth, ginger and coriander

Heart note

Flowers like ylang-ylang, rose and tuberose, spiced with carnation

Base note

Patchouli, cedar wood, labdanum and benzoin

A new edition

In 2011, for the 100st birthday of the company the scents “Donna” and “Uomo” were “re-invented”. According to Trussardi’s website the new scents “Donna EDT” is even fresher and more exciting than the original.

Let’s try and find out.

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