Contest. Solve the Riddle.

Last week we spoke about Flora and my ancestors.

Unfortunately, I cannot present you with a copy of the e-book about Flora (by the title of «Blogging for Flowers») since it is in Kindle format and therefore exclusively available at Amazon. Nevertheless, it is legible on any PC or tablet by the free Kindle App.

Your Prize

But fortunately, there are other options. If you are in social media, image rights, branding, business development or blogging, «Clever Communication» will be of great help to you.

According to fairytales the princess poses her suitors a riddle. Provided his answer is correct he immediately wins her heart, her fortune and the entire kingdom. But it can go badly wrong and the gentlemen in question will lose his life.

I also have a riddle for you. Given I am no princess the conditions are slightly different. If your answer is correct you will be forwarded to the respective page where you can enter your e-mail address to claim your prize. The first three senders will receive a free copy of «Clever Communication» .

Riddle me this

Have a look at the image. I used these men for my comic book. No, I a most probably not related to them. And in real life there were not in front of a flower shop but queued for a completely different reason.

The Question

«Why or where did these men really line up?»

Choose one of the answers below. (Your life is safe with me 🙂 )

  1. Waiting for the soup kitchen to open
  2. In front of a bank after Black Friday in 1929
  3. In an unemployment line in the 1930ies


Maybe this trailer is of help.

The contest ends on September 10, 2015.


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