Bill Gates calls Warren Buffet not only a friend but describes him as very wise. Forbes tells us that he is insanely wealthy and people who claim to know him say that he was very frugal. Of course, I don’t know Mr Buffet but he seems a very energetic gentlemen to me.

Since some month ago I have been stumbling over many articles that deal with Mr Buffet’s diet. Apparently, he – unlike Popeye the Sailor – is not much into spinach and other healthy food but is a fast food junkie who drinks Coke for breakfast. The journalists are obviously not worried about the businessman’s health. After all it has taken him this far in life and the subject is simply a gap filler.

This week I read another article in a Swiss newspaper that went about Mr Buffet’s eating habits. Those are just the pretext to find fault in the fact that he is a major share-holder of the three large food factories. The journalist tries to disguise his envy by implying we could all meet an untimely death because we are stupid enough to follow Mr Buffet’s “coke-for-breakfast-habit”.

Well, Easter is approaching fast and chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies come along with it. So I hope 🙂 .

Although the nutrition facts for chocolate are rather shocking I have no intention to give up on it. Neither is my espresso consumption what the doctor ordered. Botanically, I could argue that coffee belongs to the family of berries and is therefore a fruit.

If I owned a large and famous chocolate factory I could eat as much chocolate as I wanted. It would even be for free and I could stop blogging because journalists spread the word about what I consider my personal decisions.  And maybe I would be sued for making a bad example for people who refuse using their common sense, eating sweets all the time.

Oops, just woke up from my day dream. Until further notice I will carry on blogging.


Happy Easter!


  1. Methinks you would tire fairly quickly of being Willy Wonka. The smell is intoxicating when it first reaches your attention, but trapped in a never ending chocolate scented environment has the potential of being hellish.

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