Why We Need the Limelight

We all need a brand to stick out of the crowd. Today maybe more than ever.

How should people learn about our high quality offers and products if we let them remain in the dark? But a brand does not create itself; it needs constant attention and action.

Action, please!

I have two ways of helping you spreading the word about your brand and your product or service.

8 Times on Top

Let me start with the first option where I do all the work for you. «8 Times on Top» is a kind of enhanced ad service. You can book it right here:

A unique banner of the size of 300 x 320 px
(see the image at the left)

If you want I design it for you; for free

Your banner will sit on the top position of the sidebar of my blog and therefore be visible on every single post

Typically, I write 8 posts per month

I will tweet for your brand 8 times per month

Link Exchange

If you have a high quality product, service or blog I am happy to do link exchange.

In this scenario we put on each other’s logo and link and share the work.

Meet you soon.

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