Red is blood, power, love, hate, passion, heat, danger and revolution. It is the colour of Mars which once was the God of War. War typically ends up in revolution and blood.

In art there is still a Mars red; a very vivid colour. Of all colours red has the largest wave length which means it can reach far. Higher wavelengths are called infrared and they are invisible to the human eye.

The colour of colours

Do you know this game where you are asked to name the tool or the colour that jumps in your mind immediately? Statistics let us know that more than 90% of people answer «a hammer» for the tool and «red» for the colour.

Red is also a signal or a warning; at least for humans. While it is highly visible for us most of other mammals cannot even see red. Astounding, isn’t it?

If you are a scuba diver you know that red is the first colour to disappear under water and the world turns into shades of blue and grey.


The notion red (or rot in German) have the same root. The ancient Indo-European word also meant copper or gold. Both metals have a high value which tells me something about the importance of the colour. The Russian notion for red is directly linked to the word «beautiful” while Sanskrit links red to blood.


There are probably thousands of companies that use red in their logos. But be careful with this colour; depending on the background red letters are often not sharp on a computer screen; especially in images. I am tempted to say that red has «resistance in its pigments».

Red is the last colour I wanted to introduce. The next series is about the use of colours and shades.


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