Pink is the colour of luxury and lifestyle.

It already starts with the fact that the colour is named after a flower (also called carnation). In German the word is “rosa” and of course also stems from a flower.

A pink flamingo reminds many of us of a romantic sunset – which by the way happens to have the same colour – and levity. Pink is Barbie’s colour and typical for girls in general.


The fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli was famous, egocentric and creative. In 1937 she created a perfume called “Shocking”. It was sold in a box of intense pink that went down in history as “shocking pink”. It resembles the printing ink “Magenta” and the labels of Elsa’s creations were also pink.

Elvis Presley bought a pink Cadillac in 1955 which was a paragon of luxury and also of a certain sense of life. The iconic pink Cadillac was a leitmotif in songs and movies and it always embodies freedom.

Maybe pink is not my preferred colour but if freedom is pink I’ll go for it.

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