Blue is very much in demand. Almost 40% if people in the Western world declare it their favourite colour. There are probably not many colours – if any at all – that leave such different impressions as blue.

The Reputation of Blue

Blue stands for a lot of positive things:

  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Royal (blue)
  • Authority

Bluebloods are people with a noble ancestry (authority again) but being blue is feeling sad. If someone is very naïve they are blue-eyed and a good idea comes out of the blue. Granted the reputation of blue is a lot better than the one of yellow but still it is contradictory.

All the same Blue?

The qualities mentioned above rather remind (me) of the dark shades of blue; the business dress-code so to speak. Prussian blue and Navy blue certainly remind of authority.

Light blue on the other hand is rather connected to freedom, a fresh breeze, and a bright sky while indigo blue has an oriental touch. You will find a lot of indigo blue in the pottery of the Middle East.

Jeans are dyed with indigo. Are we back at the freedom again?

A blue that tends towards green is called turquoise. Most people I know would say that turquoise was more of a shade of green than blue.

Blue does have potential for conflicts. See what I mean?

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