Design Is Attitude

For a long time I have been treating the subjects of style, design and digitalisation which are my greatest passion on this blog.

Now it is time for the next step and a new digital home.

Design Is Attitude

I converted my passion into a company by the name of Design Is AttitudeDesign Is Attitude. And this time it is not just a blog but also great products paired with digitalisation.

The Style Blog

The blog treats the same subjects as Leadership & Lipstick has done so far. We are aiming to create a kind of encyclopaedia for the following subjects:

  • Stye & Design
  • Shoe Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design

Please bear with us since we are gradually filling our blog and soon you can subscribe to the newsletter too.

Style & Design

This chapter will also be about the personalities that influenced fashion as much as explanations on fashion in different epochs. The same subjects and more content than in the present blog.

Digitisation is a major subject for all categories since everything is being digitized but the customer service and the products.

Shoe Design

On the present blog there is already a category for shoes. Now it is more than just a category of shoes but it will be my pleasure to present an exclusive shoe brand Stilettissimo.

The launch will be in August 2019. You will hear more about it on Design Is Attitude and of course there is a website.

Fashion Design

I shared images of made-to-measure fashion for women before and there will be more since The Fashion Atelier (hitherto RougeNoir) presents even more models as they also dive into tops prêt-à-porter. You will learn about the latest models, the fabrics they are made of and more. See more.

Interior Design

The category of Interior Design is nothing new to you, dear readers. I have been treating it for a long time and will continue with it. Sone day I might even be able to offer products for this, too.

Move with me to my new digital home.

I am looking forward to meeting you there.

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