1. Your training sessions only take 12 minutes. Of course this is handy but is it also effective?

Yes, absolutely. A good and effective training never depends on its duration but on its intensity and quality. To achieve this you need coaches with know-how and a training programme that suits the purpose. In the 24club, the set of exercises is comparable to the ingredients of a meal is for a chef. The important question is: “How much of what?”. In the twelve minutes of training there are exercises one does standing, sitting or jumping while others require full body tension. We combine the exercises in a way that fits everybody. Everybody will benefit; no matter if you are a professional athlete or just the opposite.

In a personal training like the one we offer in the 24club there are always coaches that point out and help you correct mistakes and who make sure you keep up your motivation. A training must be fun and it also has to offer highest quality and effectivity.

2. The next 12 minutes your clients use for relaxation. Why is this so important?

The term relaxation is not easy to understand. When I am talking about relaxation I do not only mean to relax physically but also mentally. About 60 000 thought per day are buzzing in our heads. We think of the past, of the future and also ponder on problems. The relaxation included in our programme is designed to give you a break from all this. To simply let go is a challenge for many people; especially in times of “burnout” or “chronical stress”. With our relax boxes we created some space for this kind of relaxation. In just twelve minutes.

3. How did you come up with this idea?

After many years of competitive sports, the pressure to perform and several injuries I asked myself: “How long do you want to carry on with this?”

Besides I already worked in the fitness industry where I could pass all my know-how to various people within the industry. But I wanted more. What I wanted is to have my very own fitness concept that is a 100% me.

Fast forward..

When I sat in a coffee shop in New York I pondered on the most important questions about the health of modern people. Quickly I realized that there were three important factors:

  • the time issue
  • the shortage of physical activity
  • relaxation

Hence I wanted to create a fitness programme that would solve all three problems at once. Moreover, it should be accessible and feasible for all people. In my head the 24club was born. A year and a half later I opened the first club in Zurich.

4. You see your club not as another training centre but as a life style location. What audience do you address?

When I developed this concept in 2015 in New York people frequently asked this question. It was difficult to answer as the training should be feasible for everybody. Now after more than a year of experience in my own club all I can is confirm this hypothesis. Our youngest member is 13 years old and the oldest one is 76. Also, very active people and top athletes are training with us. In a nutshell: Mangers, students and even people who are curing their burnout are train regularly in the 24club.

The 24club is the right place for everybody who does not go for crowded fitness centres. Our place is manageable, the training is effective and it can be integrated in your everyday-life. You as a client are carefully looked after.

5. At the moment there is one Club in Zurich. Will there be more?

This concept is designed to be multiplied and to be rolled-out to different locations. At the moment we are in Zurich. But maybe also in other places. How knows? It is an exciting journey and maybe one day we can open a studio at the place where the idea was born.

The Action of 24 Minutes Explained in 60 Seconds.


Stefan Schwitter was a professional wrestler for many years. All his knowledge on sports, health and nutrition is in the concept of the 24club. This means all his clients can benefit from this.


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  1. This is a good idea, following the rhue rhaum ( quiet room) concept of recovery. Makes perfect sense.

    • Especially, when you go to the training during your lunch time the 12 minutes rests are a really great things.

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