The latest non-fiction book I red has the title The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding: How to Build a Product or Service into a World-Class Brand. In my mind most of the laws are valid no matter if you go online or just sell in a physical store.

I just give you my two cents on some of the laws.


I very much like the law of contraction since it bears a lot of resemblance to the “one thing” I already wrote about.

Let’s say you run a delicatessen shop. You will offer some sort of olives, five different hams and sausages as well as 5 different kinds of cheese, pickles and fruit juice. Every delicatessen shop has a similar offer. There is nothing that sets you apart.

What does Submarine stand for? Submarine sandwiches, I know you know. One could say the packed the delicatessen in this sort of sandwiches that can easily be wrapped, carried and eaten. No mess and the shops are typically on a commuter’s way.

A clear, branded product; clever and unique.


If you go for easy pickings a large choice is good.

If you go for branding too grand an offer is a bad thing since it will water down your brand and nobody knows what your business really stands for.

I am not saying – and neither does the author – that you have to limit yourself to 2 items. Look at Starbucks for example. I have no idea how many sorts of obscenely overpriced coffee they offer. The cookies and cake are more of a decoration for the coffee.

Moreover, where ever you go the coffee tastes the same, the amount of milk or sugar is equal.

Expansion by contraction, you see?

The chapters about publicity and advertising are also worth reading.

Internet Branding

The book also contains 11 “immutable” laws of branding. Do me – and yourself – a favour and disregard it. Not much on the Internet is immutable and I very much doubt if the rules in this book were ever accurate.

What I am sure about is that most of them are absolutely, immutably wrong.

Still the book offers value for money.

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